Saturday, February 19, 2011

Okay, you have to have one of these: QuiltCut 2

Here is the BEST invention to quilting in a LONG time!

This is fastest, most accurate way to cut fabric for making a quilt!

Goto the website to see a demo of how to use it and see how you can't live another day without it! Then when you are ready to try it for yourself, or order one, call me! This will be one thing that you won't regret! I promise!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well, this post doesn't have much to do with quilting, (except reasons why I didn't get time to sew during these snow days). It does, however have some interesting pictures.

First of all, yesterday at around 3:15 CT, our daughter was going to wash her hands in the bathroom and along the way, she tripped on her own two feet and hit her head on a wooden chair splitting her head open!'s a blizzard and our daughter's head is bleeding all over the place!

Okay, two hours later, we are on our way home. We have to pick up our boys, who we left at our wonderful neighbor's house. Here is the pictures of our drive home.

Okay, so we made it back to pick up our boys from our wonderful neighbor's house, only we ended up stuck numerous times and realized that we weren't going any further! SO, we had a sleep over at our super hospitable neighbor's. The kids were SO excited! They were in heaven!

It wasn't long and we weren't the only neighbors that got to their house and realized it was the end of the road. We had quite the slumber party! Playing cards till after 1am!

The next morning, when the wind started to die down, and the sun came out, we headed home on foot. These are the pictures of that adventure! Here are my two boys and husband pulling our daughter who is holding on to the rope for dear life as she layed down (wrapped in a blanket--we didn't think a tight stocking cap was a great idea!) This is our road!

Here is my husband's truck that got stuck as he tried to plow a path for us to get home!

Now, here we have finally reached the driveway...or have we? It used to be here!