Friday, December 27, 2013

Pretty Pink Fan quilt!

This quilt was designed by my client for her granddaughter.  It sure is pretty!

The colors aren't nearly as pretty in the pictures as in real life!

You can see the first border has some curly cues and the second border has some soft flowers.

The fans have a tear drop design and the white areas a flowing feather!

This is a picture of the corner.
The back just has some nice texture.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More quilts for Quilter's General

So, first of all we have a sweet little wool wall hanging.
Here is a picture of the outer border with some yummy swirls for texture.

The center has some continuous curved lines.

The red corners have a feather design that I freehanded.

A picture of the red little corner leaves.

Sorry about the lighting here...too much light in the studio and my iphone camera didn't do well!

The stars have freehand feathers all around and them.

The inside of the stars has a continuous line design.

A few more stars.

The last quilt is beautiful mauves and rich!
I believe the pattern is Fire Escape.

I used a dusty feathery design that worked well with the fabrics.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


     Oh my goodness!  It has been since AUGUST that I last posted!  Oh boy! Life is just out of control busy, so something has to give, and it was the blog!  Sorry!

     I will try to work on catching up...I have gotten a new phone, and new computer since the last post, so all my pictures are scattered everywhere, so bear with me!

     (My oldest also turned 11, and the other two will be another year older in a month!)

     Ok, so here is a quilt that I made from scratch for a very special bride that got married the first weekend of September.  It is made from Connecting Threads fabrics in browns and grays and it was gorgeous!
It is made up of 27 different fabrics!

Each block has a set of lights and darks.  It was quilted in a paisley pattern.

Here you can see the paisley better!

And of course a picture of the backing!
Now I will add some pictures of the quilts I did for Quilter's General in Rockford.  The first is a Christmas quilt in greens and reds.

The corners in black were going to have a holly leaf design with berries.

The squares have a hook design and swirls in the rest of the black areas.

And another angle along the side.


The black being heavier quilted makes the red and green pop more.

Lots of movement in the black!
I will show more that from Quilter's General next time!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Another sweet pastel quilt!

 I first saw this quilt at our retreat in April!  It was so pretty and now that it is done it is gorgeous!  Georgian did such a great job on a very advanced quilt!

Yes, this picture is totally upside down!  Sorry, but you get the idea of what the whole quilt looks like.
I just did a small allover on it.

Here you can see the texture better.

It is call Feather Meander, too!  I added binding on the front, so all the customer had to do was sew it on the back!

Just love this quilt!

Beautiful Pastel Quilt!

This is such a beautiful quilt for a sweet girl!

I used a small panto called Feather Meander.

You can see the feathers and swirls all throughout the quilt! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cool Sampler Quilts made by beginners!

Here is the full quilt...beautiful blues, greens, and an awesome paisley!

In the borders you can see the panto I used...Whirlygig.

The quilting pattern matches the design in the first border nicely.

Here is the comple second quilt sampler.

This quilt has beautiful reds, oranges, and greens.

The panto used for this is called Fantasy Flame.
Here is the third quilt, made of wonderful snowman.

I used a snowflake panto on this quilt and it looks great!

Here you can see that she used blues, reds, greens, and blacks.

More blocks...

This is a super glittery border studio is still sparkling! ;)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great quilt!

This quilt pattern I believe came from a Fons and Porter magazine.

I just did a swirl around the the actual "X's".

I used a clear monopoly thread from Superior on top and then a white So Fine thread on the bottom.

I really liked the flow into and out of each area just leaving the "X" area without quilting.


Here are a few pictures of the back of the quilt.