Monday, August 26, 2013

Another sweet pastel quilt!

 I first saw this quilt at our retreat in April!  It was so pretty and now that it is done it is gorgeous!  Georgian did such a great job on a very advanced quilt!

Yes, this picture is totally upside down!  Sorry, but you get the idea of what the whole quilt looks like.
I just did a small allover on it.

Here you can see the texture better.

It is call Feather Meander, too!  I added binding on the front, so all the customer had to do was sew it on the back!

Just love this quilt!

Beautiful Pastel Quilt!

This is such a beautiful quilt for a sweet girl!

I used a small panto called Feather Meander.

You can see the feathers and swirls all throughout the quilt! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cool Sampler Quilts made by beginners!

Here is the full quilt...beautiful blues, greens, and an awesome paisley!

In the borders you can see the panto I used...Whirlygig.

The quilting pattern matches the design in the first border nicely.

Here is the comple second quilt sampler.

This quilt has beautiful reds, oranges, and greens.

The panto used for this is called Fantasy Flame.
Here is the third quilt, made of wonderful snowman.

I used a snowflake panto on this quilt and it looks great!

Here you can see that she used blues, reds, greens, and blacks.

More blocks...

This is a super glittery border studio is still sparkling! ;)