Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gorgeous Double Wedding Ring!

Ok, if you have never attempted to make a double wedding ring, then you don't know just how challenging they can be!  Lets just say there isn't a straight line to be found!

Here is an edge of the quilt...she did the scalloped border!

I added a freehand feather inside the block, and some smaller feathers in the melon areas.  The blue corner pieces had a soft petal like design add and then continuous lines in the each of the arc pieces.

Here is a picture of the back...she used a solid which shows the quilting beautifully, but also every start and stop! 

I never would have imagined the back to look like this!  You would never know that it is a double wedding ring from the back!

Friday, April 5, 2013

I LOVE Wool!!!

This is one of my most favorite wool quilts!!!  Fall is my favorite time of year, and this quilt is SO beautiful!!!

The first border is a simple leaf.  The second border is a serendipitous line, and the final border is just a soft swirl.

Here is a picture of the borders with the cornerstones!  They are so neat!

I did a simple echo around the stars.

This wreath got a nice background filler of curly cue ribbons.

This basket got a tear-drop type background filler.

I added cloud like designs in the sky area and some lines on the house with a scallops on the roof.

The star got some feathers and the circles had a tight meander.

The pumpkins had a swirled affect added.

This little pumpkin had more curly cues (like the ones by the stem).

More feathers were added to the vines and leaves with a meander around these great white pumpkins.

This crow has a background filler and some feathers added to the body.

Lastly, the cornucopia has some lines added with a background to swirl.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Great Log Cabin!

This quilt was made for one lucky client's son.  I always love the traditional look of the log cabin, but the setting in this one is so great!

You can see how scrappy and well constucted the pieces are.

Beautiful butterflies were quilted on it using the panto called, Angel Wings.