Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here's some real eye candy!

The first quilt is a hand pieced hexagon quilt that took around 15 years to complete, I believe!  It is gorgeous!  I must admit that I was a little nervous to touch it!
The design is so neat and it is about a queen size!  That is a lot of hexagons!

I wish I had taken a picture of the entire quilt!  It was so neat!

You can see that inside each flower I did a double continuous curve.  In the flowers themselves I just did a freehand hook feather.  The white areas have a nice swirl.

The next quilt is for a sweet baby!
This quilt was made with many reproduction fabrics. 

I just did a small feather meander all over it.  It gives it a great textured look!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year! Still behind!

     Well, I was really in hopes that once the hub-bub of the Holidays were over, I would be able to breathe a little better.  Well, not yet!  I have a quick sneak peak of a quilt I finished for our guild raffle quilt!  It is made of beautiful batiks and took about 9-10 people to piece!
You can see that there are A LOT of pieces to this quilt!  There is also a lot going on, so...what to quilt on it?
Well, in the border, I decided to do just a little curve with a leaf.  Then I treated the square on point as one block and added a continuous curved design from Pam Clarke.  Then I added a line around the gold triangles with a hook type feather inside. 

I did a feather in the blue part of the one block and a swirl in the orange part.  The green triangles will eventually get feathers and the blocks bordering it will get a curved cross-hatching.

Here you can see one of the border areas that has a feather with pebbles around it and more cross-hatching blocks.

Here is the same type of picture, but different angle.
     I am in hopes of getting some more close-up pictures with more texture showing.  I used Gold Metallic thread that was super cool in how it sparkles in the sunlight!  Maybe I can find a way to capture that too!  If not, you will have to just imagine it!  Anyway, it is one quilt that I am glad to be done with!  All in all, it took about 70 + hours to quilt plus all the designing I did and marking beforehand which makes it well over 100 hours!  Needless to say, I am behind!  Anyway, I will be back soon with many more quilts that need to be blogged!