Tuesday, April 28, 2015

If you LOVE purple...!!!

This quilt was done by a lady's grandma...it has so much character!  (Wonder if grandma did too? LOL)

Some flowers and feather were added and the ice cream border just received some soft wavy lines.

Here is the very center of the quilt...such a sweet design.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Big QUILT!!!

This quilt was BIG!  It was over 100 x 100...don't remember actual dimensions.  It is really hard to piece a big accurately and yet she did awesome!
This was a beautiful quilt made by a friend for her brother who was retiring!  What a great retirement gift!

I tried to keep the quilting in the same colors the same.  The red received feathers.

Here the tan was meandered and the blue CC's.

The brown was treated with ribbons.

More feathers on the red border and more ribbons in the brown border.

Another view of the borders.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ok...I am going to try and add a ton of photos of quilts over the next few weeks.  I am totally behind and been so super busy with life, but I would like to work on getting back into posting a bunch of pictures.  Enjoy!
So, this was a super fun quilt made by a sweet friend for her boyfriend...for a x-mas gift (last xmas!!!).
It has some straight lines and fun swirls!!!
Here is a sweet baby quilt in pinks and greys!
There are feathers in the colored chevrons and fluffy swirls in the white!


And of course, a shot of the backing!
Here is the same quilt, in a different color way.


Another close-up.