Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Goals

Well, I have many goals for the year. Last year I worked on not buying fabric. I made it to about the halfway mark, and blew it! I bought fabric for about 3 months and then did pretty good the last three (after our guild quilt show!)

So, this year my goal is to complete 12 projects. Yep, one a month! I know most of you make 20-60 a year, but, this working mother of three isn't quite as prolific! These projects don't even have to be new ones, they can just be ones that I started long ago, but finally complete! So, cheer me on, because I am going to need it!

P.S. I am almost 1/2 way through month one, and already behind the ball...Christmas, New Year's and then 3 birthdays by Jan. 15th!!! My youngest two kid's and my lovely husband! Quick! Cheer louder!


  1. Monica your goal this year is very realistic and I know you can do it!! *me waving pom-poms* Just give yourself half an hour a day, that's 15 hours a month to complete one project. Last years goal was....well pretty extreme!! LOL! You can't deny yourself new fabric. My goal this year is to not buy fabric...if I do not have a plan for it. See how I added that extra bit to make it a more attainable goal! :)
    Try added a goal of posting your finished projects each month on your blog.
    Or how about for every project you finish you can shop for new fabric guilt free?? That might just be the modivation you need.

  2. Great ideas! First of all, I will post my completed quilts. Second, I think that if I finish a project that it would entitle me to buy some fabric (if needed) to finish another quilt. Lastly, half hour a day is totally reasonable! Thanks for all the great advice and encouragement! I need all the pom pom waving I can get!