Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art Circles using RED thread.

This quilt is comprised of three pieced circles made up of wedges.  It was really cool!

Sandi wanted me to add some of the designs from inside the circles to the black areas.  Well, that can be interpreted many ways!  I didn't know what to do, but I thought I would add a little geometry to the circles through the hexagon type of lines outside the circles.

You can see that the outside of the circles have some of the ferny feather things and swirls.  I really liked it, but the red thread was definately bold.


  1. As always your ferny feathers inspire my awe! Love that you went big and bold. Truly you are an artist. I also heard you had a new kitty. What is it's name? See you soon.


  2. Oh wow, thanks for the compliments! You make me blush! Yes, the new kitty showed up last week...since the last cat was a male named Willy, this female is Lily. The kids have fallen in love, so I guess she stays!