Sunday, October 7, 2012

Almost makes me want snow!

This little wall hanging makes me want it to snow!  The soft colors and the shimmery thread remind me of the way fresh fallen snow glitters in the sunlight.
I used a snowflake panto from The Patternman on it.

I used Superior Threads Glitter, color Silver, on this quilt and it has a nice little sparkle to it.


  1. Cute pattern and just the right quilting design! Now be careful what you wish has been snowing all day here!

    1. Thanks Kathy!
      SO true! I can wait a little longer...closer to Christmas is just fine!

  2. It snows in Duluth. Thinking of moving there. Maybe you could visit sometime.
    Love you love your show,

  3. I would have to just "visit" because yes, I am just that warm and I would freeze there! You could come warm up and visit us in the sun sometime, too!

  4. If you are cold I'll bring you heat like I brought the whole world my funky beat!

    Follow your path,
    Love Gumby