Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sorry I Haven't Posted Much!

Ok, So...first we had four baby kittens born...boy was that an eye opener for Heidi!  We watched each on be born!  So cool, and from Heidi's perspective...a little scary...she has NO idea!  LOL!

Within a about 3 weeks they tripled in size and became the cutest bouncing furballs ever!  So much fun!

Then, last night, Heidi broke her arm...so, we go tomorrow to find out what type of cast and for how long summer will be on hold for!  Ugh!  Poor baby, but she is a trooper!  Her brothers are being SO good to her, I couldn't ask them to be as wonderful as they are!

Here she is, trying to smile through the pain!  Such a trooper!  She takes a licken and keeps on ticken!  Anyway, many more quilt pictures to come...so many quilts...so little time to post pictures!  Soon!

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