Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rainbows of wool!

Here is another picture of the wool I have been dying!  It looks good enough to eat!  I have a few projects that I have started using them in and will share them with you, eventually.  They are...interesting!
All the colors from light to dark are represented...I have much more to dye, but these are really turning out great!  I have ordered a turquoise colored dye, but heard that it doesn't work very well...I will let you know what I find out!
I am also wanting to do a different green and a more saturated blue and darker red as well. They had to be ordered too.


  1. If I were you I would eat the lamb not the wool. I certainly would not eat anything that smells as bad as wet wool. Your husband must be very understanding to smell that all night long. Give him a big kiss in appreciation.

  2. Yes, wet, hot, wool smells bad! LOL! I will give him all the kisses he wants! I am appreciative of all he puts up with!