Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Graduation Quilt

This quilt was made by a friend for her daughter's graduation gift.
I love the way the colors came together!
She chose just ONE design to be used in each block, so I made a stencil (with dremel tool).

This is the book in which she found the quilting motif.

The next set of pictures show all the different blocks with the same motif, but how amazingly different they all look.  You wouldn't know from just looking that it is the same motif quilted over and over.

In the border is a soft set of leaves, unfortunately, they are almost missed since the thread color blends too well. Maybe a green or something would have added just a slight enough contrast to be seen, but not over powering.


  1. Lovely quilt, it turned out nice with the quilting. Your right, each block looks so very different.

    1. Thanks! It is nice to find something that looks really different, but not have to change each time.

  2. Maybe next time instead of soft leaves you could try hard crunchy ones. They are more fun to jump in.