Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Year in Review

Well, I started the year off with making a quilt for my 3 year old daughter, Heidi.  This is the kit I purchased when Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle were at our quilt show in October, 2010.  Unfortunately, I still don't have it quilted!  Hopefully it will get completed soon!

In February our nephew, Jack was born and this
was made for him with love!

Next, I was in need of making a quilt for my booth, selling QuiltCuts...all fans blades were cut in less than 20 minutes! Over 200 cut that quickly!

Now then, my brother and sister-in-law were wanting something to hang over their mantel...they decided upon this quilt!  Looks

Well, I don't have a picture of the last quilt that I pieced, but when it is quilted I will post pictures!  Promise!
Lastly, I don't know if this counts, but our Art Bee had us
 come up with a 3-D block and I made this Fancy Potholder from the Moda Bakeshop! (I will post an actual picture of mine soon!)

So, I guess, all in all I didn't do as bad as I thought, but I am hoping for a full 12 next year!  Good luck to you in all your endevors! 

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  1. Whatever happened to that mariners compass you were working on?